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The Butcher Shop With a Difference !!! More than just prime quality meat! Gourmet delights, function food, flavoured sausages, heat'n'serve as well as frozen items.
Shop 16/3 Faucett Street, Blackalls Park NSW 2283
Also Services: Brightwaters
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Specialising in Butchers and Wholesale Meat, Mediterranean Butcher is located in Prahran, VIC.
190 Commercial Rd, Prahran VIC 3181
129 QUEEN ST, Berry NSW 2535
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38 Renmark Ave, Renmark SA 5341
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23 Dandaloo St, Trangie NSW 2823
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22a Allied Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043


Butchers refer to the workers in slaughter houses, meat processing plants and meat stores. Butchers are usually classified into two categories - namely, primary butchers and secondary butchers. Primary butchers are directly involved in the post-slaughter preparation of animal carcass while secondary butchers are mainly concerned with preparing finer meat cuts and processing meat. Primary butchers prepare the primary cuts while the secondary butchers do the trimming and boning of the meat into smaller chunks.

The primary butchers and secondary butchers are responsible for the hygienic and safe preparation of meat. Contamination from pathogenic organisms is avoided by butchers by complying with safety and health standards. The cut meat products are then packaged and refrigerated, ready for distribution. Meat products that are prepared by butchers are often directly sold in meat shops and supermarkets. Other meat cuts are sold to meat processing plants.

Some butchers have their own meat shops while others are employees of meat companies. Although the works of butchers may seem messy, precision is required. There is also danger involved in cutting and boning meat because of the sharp knives and power tools used. Hence, dexterity and good eye-hand coordination is important to prevent injuries.

Professional butchers undergo special training courses and government certification before they are allowed to work. Aside from preparing meat, there are also administrative and business aspects of butchery. If you are searching for certified butchers, you have come to the right place. has comprehensive directory listings of butchers.


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